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our internal rules

Clause 1 :

These regulations are established in accordance with the provisions of articles L.6352-3 and L.6352-4 and R.6352-1 to R.6352-15 of the Labor Code. It applies to all trainees, for the duration of the training followed.

Clause 2 : Discipline

Trainees are strictly prohibited from:

– to bring alcoholic beverages into the premises of the organization;

– to present yourself in a state of sobriety

– take or modify the training materials;

– to eat in the classrooms;

– use their mobile phones during sessions (unless expressly authorized by the trainer)

Clause 3 : Sanctions

Any action considered wrongful by Management may, depending on its nature and seriousness, be subject to one or other of the following sanctions in increasing order of importance:

written warning by the Director of the training organization;
permanent exclusion from training

Clause 4 : Interview prior to a sanction and procedure

No sanction may be imposed on the trainee without the latter being informed at the same time and in writing of the grievances held against him. When the training organization considers taking a sanction, it summons the trainee by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or given to the person concerned against discharge, indicating the purpose of the summons, the date, time and place. of the interview, unless the sanction envisaged has no impact on the trainee’s presence for the rest of the training.

During the interview, the trainee has the possibility of being assisted by a person of his choice, trainee or employee of the training organization. The convocation mentioned in the previous article mentions this option. During the interview, the reason for the sanction envisaged is indicated to the trainee: he then has the possibility of giving any explanation or justification of the facts of which he is accused.

When a precautionary measure of temporary exclusion with immediate effect is considered essential by the training organization, no definitive sanction relating to the faulty act at the origin of this exclusion can be taken without the trainee having been informed beforehand of the grievances held against him and, possibly, that he was summoned to an interview and had the opportunity to explain himself to a Disciplinary Committee.

The sanction cannot intervene less than one clear day nor more than 15 days after the interview or, if necessary, after the opinion of the Disciplinary Committee.

It is the subject of a written and reasoned notification to the trainee in the form of a registered letter, or a letter delivered against discharge. The training organization simultaneously informs the employer, and possibly the joint organization bearing the training costs, of the sanction taken.

Clause 5 : Representation of Trainees

A titular delegate and an alternate delegate are elected in a two-round single-member ballot. All trainees are eligible to vote and are eligible, except prisoners admitted to participate in professional training.

The training organization organizes the vote which takes place during training hours, no earlier than 8 p.m., no later than 40 hours after the start of the course. If it is impossible to designate the trainee representatives, the training organization draws up a report of deficiency which it transmits to the territorially competent regional prefect.

Delegates are elected for the duration of the training. Their functions end when they cease,

for any reason whatsoever to participate in the training.

If the titular delegate and the alternate delegate have ceased their functions before the end of the training session, a new election is carried out under the conditions provided for in articles R.6352-9 to R.6352-12.

The trainee representatives make any suggestions to improve the progress of the internships and the living conditions of the trainees in the training organization. They present all individual or collective complaints relating to these matters, health and safety conditions and the application of the internal regulations

Clause 6 : Health and safety

Preventing the risk of accidents and illnesses is imperative and requires everyone to fully comply with all applicable health and safety regulations. To this end, the general and specific safety instructions in force in the organization, where they exist, must be strictly respected under penalty of disciplinary sanctions.

When the training takes place on the company’s site, the applicable general and specific safety instructions are those of the company.

Clause 7 :

A copy of these rules is given to each trainee (before any final registration). These rules of procedure will be communicated to all the trainees of the training through the internal training referent.