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grégory giraudon

I enjoyed sharing my experience with people motivated by their projects. In addition, the values carried by Halim through the association are important to me, such as rigor, mutual aid, and excellence.

The « Académie des futurs chefs » is innovative in its design and the fact of providing tailor-made training to learners is a real added value by Halim.

I work on cheese knowledge training. The objective is to discover the families of cheeses, their manufacturing method as well as the possible pairings to be made with the cheeses.
After a theoretical part, trainees can take advantage of the training with a tasting and a sensory analysis part.


Born March 28, 1975, I am pursuing a commercial school curriculum and
pursues a career in banking.
After a journey of 16 years, between evolutions and mutations, I decided to change my professional direction.
Passionate about Gastronomy, I chose the World of Cheese and returned to school at the age of 38, to follow the training of Seller-Consultant in Creamery-Cheese at Maison ANDROUET in Paris.

In July 2014, I obtained my Professional Qualification Certificate and took responsibility for a creamery and cheese shop in Dax. I am settling in the South West, and more precisely in Saint Sever.

Then, the opportunity to go abroad to export French know-how and share my passion with a new clientele presented itself to me. I left for London in October 2015, again for Maison ANDROUET, where I discovered a new mode of consumption and a new commercial approach.

In September 2016, I returned to France because of Brexit and thought about creating my own company.

In August 2017, “Au tour du Fromage” was born.

Today, we are present at the « Marché Central » de Royan, a shop on the outskirts of Royan with a cheese, charcuterie, and wine cellar section, then we toured markets 5 days a week.